Humax RM-109U remote control. Some buttons not working.


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I have to say this is the poorest remote control I have ever used. The first one went wrong & I got a replacement just before the two year guarantee ran out. Now some 18 months later the second one has the same problem with some buttons not working. I have had many, many remote controls since the 80s & never had a problem. My Panasonic TV is 5 years old & has more use than the Humax & it is still perfect. Same for every remote I have.

I assume Humax won't replace, so what is the best solution. Is there a good replacement. I see some on Amazon & ebay at around £12-00. Has anyone used them? Are they any good?


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Take it apart and clean the pads/PCB. That works for most people. It's a bit of a fag undoing the clips, but it does just clip together. There is a guide somewhere here but I can't find it easily.