Humax tv portal error


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Ok so I replaced my 500GB HDD with a new 2tb one, I installed, partitioned everything nicely, but struggled with the copying due to my sata usb system failing every 10 minutes. I copied most stuff like the epg, but not all my content. (maybe that's a good thing)

So no problems really, had to reinstall webif and my plugins (not a big deal) but when I tried to use the Humax portal I received an error on attempt to launch: 'An error occurred whilst launching the application

My first thought was to reinstall the custom firmware, I went to the firmware page and downloaded the first one.... and humax portal worked! Success I thought until I tried to get onto webif to realise I had installed the official firmware. After getting the correct custom firmware I still got this error.

Really not sure what I've done, is it a missing file or fragmented files...? Though if that why did the official one work???

Thanks for any help guys.

Found a reference to the error here, but an update sorted that for them
Try running the remove_portals diagnostic to make sure that everything has been cleaned up properly. If you haven't installed the portal-xtra1 package onto your new disk but did have it on the old, then there will still be some bits of it hanging around in flash. The diagnostic will clean everything up and put you back to a clean portal setup.

You'll need to reboot the Humax after running it.

Edit: the diagnostic name is slightly misleading, it only removes all parts of the custom portals and does not touch the official portal app.
>>> Beginning diagnostic remove_portals
Running: remove_portals
No packages removed.
No packages removed.
>>> Ending diagnostic remove_portals

Yeah that worked perfectly.

Thanks, you've saved me some nagging.
With Sky Player no longer functional, unless you want it to access web cams there is little reason to install the custom portal.