Humax & Twonky

I have noticed on the forum before, people complaining about Twonky causing problems with the Humax crashing and restarting. I have also had this problem since I installed a NAS drive. This led me to leaving the Humax powered on all the time.
I have recently updated the custom software to CF 2.22 and the Humax to 1.03.12 and noticed the Humax does not now crush when started from the switch on the back or from standby button on the front no matter how many times I start it. The Twonky version on the NAS is the same which was causing the problem.
Can there be anything in the custom software that could have cured this or is it the new Humax firmware, something as changed I wonder what it is!
By the way, thanks for the Custom Software it's brilliant.
Interesting. It will have been the standard firmware update rather than anything in the custom firmware.

Anybody confirm this observation? People who have previously had to downgrade Twonky??
Running 1.03.12+CF2.22 on the HDR, Twonky 7.2.3 on my iMac, my Humax still reboots.

TwonkyMediaServer 6 (specifically, 6.0.32) streams fine for me anyway, though I realise that's no help if you can't downgrade on your device. That version also sits quietly in the background whereas Twonky 7.3.2 insists on sitting in the Dock which I don't like, regardless of whether or not it crashes the Humax.
There's a workaround on the Humax for this problem too - adding a blackhole route for the address of the Twonky server. It does completely stop the Humax from interacting with that device so it isn't always going to be appropriate though!
Sorry to butt in...

Today I purchased a WD MyCloud 3TB NAS and connected it to my network. It's working fine. Then I logged into the WebIF on one of my HDRs. I was greeted a red banner telling me that the box had crashed. I was a bit suspicious and logged into my other HDR, only to be greeted with the same banner.

Both units crashed at the same time. This was too much of a coincidence for me.

On closer investigation, it appears that the WD MyCloud NAS runs Twonky v7.2.6-2G, I had no idea that this device used Twonky and wouldn't have purchased it if I had known as I knew that later versions of it can cause the HDRs to crash. Just as I am now experiencing.


You mention in the post above that you can add a workaround for this issue, all be it at the sacrifice of connectivity to that device. As I don't really want to return the new WD MyCloud NAS unless it is absolutely necessary, could you publish this workaround for me please? I have no interest in using it to stream etc from my HDRs.

Thanks, but that is double-Dutch to me. I would be very grateful if someone could give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this...
So Wallace's HDR is crashing and restarting and is on the same firmware version has mine. Mine used to do the same till very recently has I said. I only noticed it not doing it when I updated the CF and the Firmware. It looks like it wasn't that, that cured the problem after all. Very strange but not complaining!
I will check the Twonky firmware again to see if it as changed, but I don't think it as.
As a work around I have disabled the media server on the MyCloud NAS. I have a few recordings scheduled tonight and cannot afford either box to reboot.

Hopefully a temporary measure, as although I have no interest in using it with either HDR, I would like to use it with my other devices. It seems a shame to not use it at full potential.
Unlike Wallace I use the media server often so didn't want to turn it off.
The Twonky version is: 7.0.13. This is the same version that was causing the restarts up until recently.
The NAS is a Zyxel nsa310. The firmware of this nas was updated a while ago to the latest version but was still causing the humax problems. Twonky is part of the firmware so can't change it. I could downgrade the firmware of the nas but that was causing other problems so was not an option.
Indeed, I don't believe I can downgrade the Twonky version as it is embedded in the firmware.

If I could just disable the HDRs from interacting with it so that I can enable the media server once more.

I can edit and modify config files on the HDR if required, I just need to know which and what to modify/enter.
Thanks, I have read that, but don't understand it. That's why I asked for step-by-step directions.
Apologies Wallace, I didn't see that someone already posted a link to the thread, oops:oops:

Borrowing from af123's post. Connect to your machine using Telnet, and select the 'cli' option to get the command line (#humax, for example) then type the following commands:
humax# echo 'route add -host reject' > /mod/etc/init.d/S22nasroute
EDIT. The IP address of your NAS should be substituted above. Also see post 17 below.

Then hit return and type this:
humax# chmod 755 /mod/etc/init.d/S22nasroute
and hit return. Exit telnet and reboot. I think the first line creates a file containing a command to reject network traffic from a specific IP address in the startup folder and the second makes it executable. The thing I am not sure about, is the IP address. I presume in the above lines that the address is the router (this is most likely as the '.1' address is usually used for the router, but it could be the IP of the NAS). In any case, you will have to change this IP address if you are using a different range ( etc.).
Thanks. Yes my router IP is and the address of the NAS is I will make the entries later, currently both HDRs are recording something.
You need to put the IP address of the NAS in the file. The full file contents should really include the line that tells the kernel to run it as a shell script too, so something like:

route add -host <IP address of NAS> reject

You can always edit it in the webif->diagnostics->editor once it's created.
Thanks. Yes my router IP is and the address of the NAS is I will make the entries later, currently both HDRs are recording something.
Hopefully someone will be able to confirm that the IP address of router is used, not the NAS. Probably best to wait until you get confirmation anyway.

Edit. Just seen af123's post so it is the IP address of the NAS, not the router. Oh well, at least I knew enough to know that I might be wrong;) Thinking about it, pointing the commands at the router would just disconnect the Hummy from the network on startup. Doh:frantic: