Humax UI idle timer power off


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Would anyone know of a way to "poke" the Humax UI, from either the cmdline, or WebIF, to reset the idle timer that powers off the box after N hours?

I have this power management setting enabled, in the stock UI, since most of the time it's what I want.

Occasionally, I find myself doing things remotely, via SSH cmdline, and/or WebIF. It's quite annoying when it decides to shut itself down whilst I'm copying some files over SSH.

Is there any way to poke the timer, without diabling the PM setting itself, please?

[I will try the IR pkg - that might do it - but a cmdline method would be easier still]

thanks much...
I usually just type 'ir P+' then 'ir P-' to change the channel up and down but a couple of 'ir VOL+' might be more friendly if anyone is watching! I'd do two as the first just brings up the volume control which might not count.
ah! thanks both, I had forgotten that IR can be used from the cmdline, that's great...

sorry for wasting your time.