Humaxrw - disc not found

I'm trying to transfer some recordings off my 9200T using Humaxrw.

I removed the hard drive from the Humax, installed it into an IDE to USB caddy but I can't get a PC to recognise the drive. I can hear the drive spin up when I switch on the caddy but that's it.

I've tried two different IDE/USB adapters and two PCs one running Windows 7, one running XP and nothing is happening. I've tried the Dos version of humaxrw and the GUI.

I've put the drive back into the 9200T and it's working fine - I can play recordings. I can also transfer files to a PC using HumaxMediaController (but it's slow and error prone) so I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with the drive.

Any pointers would be welcome, thanks!
Have you tried running humaxrw, or are you expecting the drive to be recognised by the OS first? I believe it requires humaxrw to be running, as the drive will not mount in the usual way.
Thanks for the replies - I gave up and used HumaxMediaController. Fortunately that decided to behave itself and I was able (slowly!) to get everything off that I needed to. I've upgraded to an HDR-Fox T2 so I won't be needing to do it again.