Hummy FoxSAT HDR as a streaming client?


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Have had this unit since Jan 2012 - it is good and with raydon's bundle it is even better.

My media server is in another room serving various devices around the house. (well a Win XP box with a serious PSU and disk capacity), on the same LAN.

I am not averse to installing relevant media rendering software on said Win XP server, just want my Hummy to stream music from my MP3 collection without manual SCP / FTP / Samba file passes.

The hummy is attached to the house TV and a audio set up worthy of a listen. Just want to treat the Hummy as a jukebox streamer. Had a long look around Mr G and suggestions show that HUMAX in 2009 could not build a streamer that was financially viable - has anyone else done anything since?

Would be really happy to contribute with technical writing if it is an Open Source development.

Could IceCast be a candidate perhaps ? I really don't know.

In the meantime I will start lofting mp3 library onto a /ext3 partitioned USB disk - darnit - they are on NTFS ( I know Windows Lacky!)