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Hi all

I'm new here and so new to the world of Hummys (Hummies?) that I don't yet own one!

Here's my question: my wife and I are contemplating the possibility of a move to France. Jacky's keen that she should be able to access British TV once there and says we'll have to subscribe to Sky.

Being an old hot-metal compositor, it's long been my stance that I'll have nowt to do with anything Murdoch's involved with. I thought I'd found the answer to the TV dilemma in a Humax-shaped box. Doing a bit of reading, however, I see that the initial set-up requires a post code, and French post codes are a very different animal to ours in the UK.

So, my question is - if I buy a Humax HDR-Fox T2 to take to France with us, will it work or will I be wasting my money?

Can I humbly ask that any responders bear in mind the fact that my experience of Hummies (Hummys?) is non-existent, so please don't go getting overly teknickle with me!

Thanks in advance - Fred
The HDR Fox T2 is a terrrestrial freeview box so unless you're in the corner of France that can pick up the terrestrial signal from the UK you'll need to look at the FoxSat version to get the freesat stuff. I don't know too much about those but there is a thread for the FoxSats so I'm sure someone there will help.
Hi Fred, I am wondering which Humax product you are considering ?, The HDR FOX T2 receives it’s signal through a TV aerial and as far as I know doesn’t ask for a post code for setup, The HDR FOXSAT receives it’s signal through a satellite dish and does ask for a post code. I suppose both are feasible depending on which area of France you intent to move to, Although I guess you would have to be close to the U.K. coast to get former.
A Foxsat-hdr will work pretty well anywhere in France. Across most of France a 60cm dish should work OK. In the extreme south a 80cm dish might be needed. The effect of the new narrow beam 1N satellite is not yet fully known though in the more Northern areas it should not make much difference. Key is knowing roughly where the OP is proposing to move to.
Doing a bit of reading, however, I see that the initial set-up requires a post code, and French post codes are a very different animal to ours in the UK.
As above, no postcode required for the HDR-FOX T2 digital terrestrial FreeviewHD receiver/PVR, but you would need a signal! I suppose you might get lucky with iPlayer - on a PC the BBC servers would detect you were not on a UK internet service provider and block you, but possibly they might not notice if you go via the Humax server.

However, the FOXSAT would seem to be your best bet. At a guess the postcode is only to select the correct regional channels for your area, so all you would need to do is use a postcode for the area you want the local news from. Nobody said you have to use your own postcode!

I suggest you mosey on over to the FOXSAT forum HERE (click).
Not an Humax but I bought a cheap ~ £50 Ross satellite from B& Q mainly as a backup should freeview or my hummy die. It works perfectly and picks up all freesat HD channels as well not bad for the price - no epg though
Blimey. That was quick, between 12:04 and 13:06, you have gone out and bought then fitted a satellite receiver! Good luck to you.
Hi all

Thanks for all the responses. Hear that whoosh sound? That's me rushing off over the FoxSat forum.

Cheers - Fred
Looks like I stirred something up....thought it was Fred who bought the Ross Sat setup. I must remember: Look before you leap......
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