Hummypkg Remote Scheduling []


I use this all the time and find it a brilliant aid to catching those programs you may miss.

However, I do find it a pain that the notice is 7 days in advance. Is it possible to reduce the period to 5 or 6 days?

Currently for each reminder I have to make a note in Outlook to remind me some 5 days before the event because I cannot program it when I receive the notice.
Why can't you schedule a recording when you receive the email? The alert only comes out when an item hits the EPG, and as long as an item is in the EPG it can be scheduled.
You should be able to click on the link in the email which will take you into the RS site and then just click 'Record Programme' or 'Record Series' to get the command sent down to your Humax.
Apologies. I don't know why I have always found it necessary to make a reminder because as you say today's reminder is available for scheduling. I feel sure in the past it was not however, that may be something to do with my setup. I always seemed to get a blank part a few hours prior to the schedule time and got into the habit of making Outlook reminders.

I obviously missed the link it in the email too. :(
The RS EPG is updated from the collective registered HD/HDR-FOXes, so it could be a little ahead (but not much). Asking the RS to schedule the recording for you (rather than manually on the TV screen or by local WebIF) will solve that problem.

As you know, it takes a few power cycles before RS schedules make it through to the Humax recording schedule, but with a week's notice there should be no problem.