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Did anyone else have the new series of Hustle set to record tonight? It's no longer showing in the EPG although my box is still watching for the AR signal and I expect an unable to track any time...

At least I'm using AR or it would have recorded Public Enemies!
I'm sure I read about this somewhere today, and it seems that one part of Public Enemies was postponed for some reason, so it's on today, and Hustle part 1 should be starting next Friday.
I have just watched this Wednesdays "This Morning", where they were interviewing two of the "stars" of Hustle, and it was mentioned that the new series was due to start on Friday 13th January.
Does it now show part 1 set in your schedule for next Friday?
No, it currently shows with dashes against it, but the box is recording Coast so it may not update it until after that.
It will be interesting to see if it updates correctly to reflect next Fridays 1st episode.
I wonder when the EPG changed? I would have thought the box would have picked up the change and rescheduled accordingly.
When did you set it to record? the change was obviously known about on Wednesday morning when it was mentioned by "This Morning".
It was still showing with dashes so I restarted my box and it's showing as scheduled for next Friday now.
It seems strange that the die hard padders have not yet commented on their boxes recording the "wrong" programme, i.e."Public Enemies".;)
Yeah.. I was trying to illicit a comment early : ) Recording the wrong programme which you can just delete isn't a problem of course.
Hah - that explains why the screenshots in your AR/Padding controller thread made me think I'd missed the first episode of Hustle - and then when I went onto RS to bung it in it showed me Eposide 1/6 was next Friday!!! I should pay more attention to the Top 30 list on RS - all the good stuff seems to be common amongst the RS users!!
Actually I don't record/watch Hustle, although I did know about the week's postponement and was also obliged to rip iPlayer when a certain party missed an episode.