I cannot jump adverts on C5


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Hello, I have used the HDR Fox T2 for some time.
I have now also bought the FVP-4000T.
I have found that when watching a programme recorded from C5 I cannot jump the adverts.
I can fast forward OK.

On my HDR Fox T2 I can jump the C5 adverts OK

Any one else finding this?
Are you saying this is specifically Channel 5 only, and skipping advert breaks on recordings from other commercial stations works OK?

How are you trying to skip the advert breaks? We are aware, for example, that there are no skip buttons on the FVP-4000T handset equivalent to the HDR-FOX skip buttons.
I should have said that I can skip the adverts on the other channels, it seems C5 is the only one I cannot.
I press OK then the > next to it on the remote.
Thanks for your reply.
Hmm. Anybody confirm this? If so, it implies there is some kind of latent mechanism for disabling skipping over adverts, which C5 has now implemented.
I have just tried a test recording on Channel 5, and can confirm that the skip function works as expected.
I think the problem is with the remote, on testing again I have managed to get it to work, but not every time.
Many thanks to all for your input.
Does the 4000 handset have anything that lights up when transmitting? The previous handsets have four buttons to select PVR, TV, DVD etc, and the relevant button lights showing which is currently selected. If the handset is only transmitting intermittently I would expect to be able to see that by the indicator.

If there is no indicator, it is still possible to monitor the output - see Things Every... (click) section 13.
The red standby button on the RM-L03 remote control lights up when transmitting.
Hello, as an update I have once again reset the different codes into the remotes.

Re the advert skipping or jumping I can now see it is not enough to just press OK & >, you also need to make sure the time box above the blue line is also highlighted, then it jumps OK.
Many thanks for your help.