I can't seem to get Detectads to work.


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I have DetectAds set up along with Chaseget and have tried chaserun as well as traditional in the processing setup but nothing seems to be happening. I get to an ad break during replay and press the bookmark button and nothing happens. There don't appear to be any obvious pitfalls in the setup so I am wondering what on earth I have done wrong. I have verified that bookmarks are working OK from the remote but no bookmarks are being added during (or after) the advertisements. I understand that processing can take a while but I can't skip ads several days after the recording has completed.
I must be doing something wrong but I've been tearing out my hair (not much left) trying to figure out why. I decided to take the smart option and ask :)
This is an extract from the log - to me it seems to be saying that it's working but I don't know what content sharing disabled means.

395 11/08/2017 13:45:36 DA(11218)- Content Sharing Disabled
394 11/08/2017 13:45:36 DA(11218)- ==DETECTADS Chase Run: /media/My Video/Neighbours/Neighbours_20170811_1345.ts
393 11/08/2017 13:45:36 RM(11211)- DETECTADS: Started /media/My Video/Neighbours/Neighbours_20170811_1345.ts for chaserun advert detection
392 11/08/2017 13:45:36 RM(11211)- DETECTADS: Checking /media/My Video/Neighbours/Neighbours_20170811_1345.ts (Channel 5) for channel exclusion

Thanks for any help.
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Content sharing is required to perform in-place decryption, a necessary precursor to ad detection and the key to all custom firmware decryption processes. That the log shows it as disabled should have sounded alarm bells.

The following links provide the background information:

The relevant part is:
Content sharing is enabled on the HDR-FOX via Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = On.
I don't know what content sharing disabled means.
It means the DLNA server needed for decryption isn't running. Sometimes it turns itself off and you need to re-enable it manually from the on-screen menus (Menu, Settings, System, Internet Settings).
Or install the boot-settings package and configure it to re-enable it automatically on (re)boot.
Hi Guys,
Many thanks for your responses and explanation. Now it becomes obvious! I had been through the guide for DetectAds but don't recall seeing anything about content sharing, but I will get it enabled right now.
Thanks again - I'm really grateful for your help.
I've not reviewed it, but the guide was probably written with the expectation that anyone trying to use it would be reasonably experienced in matters CF.