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hello everyone, i purchased a hdr t2 last week and i'm intending to flash it up this weekend. a couple of questions about the iplayer. is there anyway of fast forwarding i can get it to jump 5 mins but as much as i try nothing seems to make it fast forward. also, the transport bar at the bottom of the screen seems to stay on for a long time before it dissapears, is there anyway of controling how long it stays visible.

thanx in advance for any replys.
That's the way it is.

You might find iPlayer more amenable with the custom firmware: if you start it off and then go away and leave it to play to itself (no need for the TV to be viewing it), once the download is complete you can convert it to a standard MP4 file and play it with all the usual facilities. The download completes as fast as the network allows, usually faster than real-time.