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I need help or suggestions to identify a chip (see photo).


I'm only guessing, but my suspicion is it's a microcontroller of some sort with any manufacturer's markings removed and replaced by (what appears to read) "00S5T0S" (no, Google doesn't help).

The package is like a miniature 24-pin gullwing flatpack / SOIC, with a lead pitch of 0.025" (1/40), 0.635mm (as close as I can measure). Edit: TSSOP

Power is 5V on pin 24, 0V on pin 1.​
Pin 23 is being used as an ADC input.​
Pins 3-9, 16-22 are driving a 7x7 multiplexed LED display, presumably as general purpose IO pins.​
Pins 5 & 9 also go to the terminal points shown in the photo as "CN1" (along with 5V and 0V), presumably a serial programming interface.​
All pins not mentioned above appear to be unconnected.​

My first assumption was that this would be a Microchip PIC, but I can't find one in a 24-pin package. Neither does it seem to be an Atmel AVR (as used in Arduino).

Any other suggestions welcome.

(It's a car battery voltage display - digital with an analogue sweep - but it doesn't do quite what I want and thought I might be able to reprogram it or at least substitute an unprogrammed part if the code memory is locked. If all else fails I can use the LED matrix on a new board with a PIC.)
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I think you're going to be unlucky - there are too many devices only available in Eastern domestic markets.

[Edit] And if you do find it, it's may be a OTP device to get the cost down.


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:roflmao: No, it refers to this page now!
There appears to be some upside-down writing showing above the chip in the picture. I can't make it out - is that going to be any help in finding out something about the device?
It says something like:


In other words PCB ID, production and revision stuff.

[EDIT] Yes, of course it's 2017/04/23. I was in a hurry...
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Possibly "ENSAT" is ENSAT Electronic Technology Ltd of Dongguan, with the date 2017/04/23 indicating that it is a fairly recent item?