Idea for new feature: embedded browser player



I was just looking at HTML5 video players used by sites such as YouTube. There seems to be quite a few about either completely free or free for non-commercial use.

I was able to use one of these players (LeanBack Player) with the Mongoose webserver on the Humax unit to stream a BBC iPlayer MP4 cached video.

It got me thinking, it might be a nice feature to give users the option to stream the video direct from the unit to their web browser. I can't find one that plays mpeg-2, but they all seem to play m4v and aac which is used by iPlayer.

It might be nice to have this also as an option to saving the cached iPlayer media. I've attached a screenshot of it working...


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I don't understand the problem. If you click on a recording file in the WebIF media browser, you get a pop-up box with the details of the recording etc, including a "play" button. As long as you have the VLC extension for your browser installed, it plays in the browser.

There is also a button at the bottom of the media browser to save the last iPlayer or YouTube download to the current folder as an MP4.

It you are saying there is no "play" option associated with .mp4 files, I imagine that would be pretty straightforward to add.