Identify a remote control, so I can operate the TV


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OK, I'm weird and obsessive, but I've just bought an HDR1000S (pre-loved) with a remote whose buttons don't match the one in the manual. According to that, the top three buttons are <STB>, <TV>, and <Power>. Mine are <Mute>, <TV/AV> and <Power>.

I've had a look through the five Freesat manuals (HB1000/1100, HDR1000/1010/1100) but they all use use the same layout? I've checked inside the battery compartment for a code, but no luck.

Can anyone identify it, and (even better) point me to instructions for setting the TV model?




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I have an early HDR-1000S and the remote is the same as in your photos. They may have changed it in later versions.


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I have a very early HDR-1000S.

Remote is labelled in battery compartment EC R03

Top row buttons STB TV Power

Info button moves down one and is replaced with a Home button circled in green.