IE8 Problem Downloading (MODDED AND UNMODDED)

Black Hole

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Before I reach for another browser, I wonder if we can work out what's going wrong with IE8 on my Win7 system. I have not done anything special with it or the network, everything so far "just works" with regard to Internet access via my ADSL/Router/Wifi/HomePlugs - including the Humax TV portal.

When I try to use the IE8 address bar to download via the DLNA mediaID URL or the mod WebIF OPT+ button, it hangs saying "Getting file information". If I use the URL in wget, it works.

Any clues where to look for the problem? Or should I just give up and load Chrome or Firefox?

Anybody who has had success with IE8, please say so we can get an idea of whether the problem is commonplace.
I don't fix what ain't broke! From what I've seen of it, I don't much like the way it works.