Resolved Image Uploading from iOS

Black Hole

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I'm having a lot of problems uploading an image (or other files) to forum posts (and conversation posts). I don't know whether it is something to do with the forum move, or the result of an iOS update.

What happens is the upload spinner never stops (of its own accord), and if I click "close" in the file selector pop-up too soon the upload has not completed (it does complete if I wait long enough - it's a gamble). I have to hope it has uploaded and save the post, then edit it under "other options" to insert the image, where the attachment is listed.

Pasting an image works on the PC, but doesn't seem to in iOS - that could be because I haven't waited long enough, or it could be a limitation of iOS.
I've been unable to replicate this so would be interested in confirmation either way from others. Certainly users have been uploading attachments since the move and subsequent software upgrades.

The forum software supports a few different methods of handling uploads including a Flash component which obviously won't work on iOS, but I have flash disabled in my browser anyway so that's probably not the issue here.
There's a new version of the forum software out today which includes improvements to file uploading and finally gets rid of the Flash component in favour of an HTML5 one.
I'll apply the upgrade in an hour or so so please test again once it's done.
It wasn't just iOS, I experienced the same on Android.