Improved Sort/Filter/Search within Browse


Ad detector
Currently the webif browse only allows for sorting by Name or Date without even a choice of ascending/ descending order.

As the number of recordings grow the ability to find and manage recordings becomes more cumbersome.

Sometimes it would be more useful to see newest first rather then oldest first.

I might want to sort/filter on genre to find the films that I have recorded but not got around to watching yet

When I am trying to clean up the list and delete those that have been watched it would be nice to be able to filter the list based on the watched flag (Yes I know I could set up a sweeper rule to auto delete watched but there are some I would want to keep longer)

Or I might know part of the title/synopsis and want to search for matching entries.

Ideally filters/searches should also show which sub-folders contain matching entries but that would require significant extra processing to navigate the directory tree so would need to be an option