(In)accurate recording


I've only just bought the 4000T so am still recording programs on both my Fox and 4000T while I set it up.
Recording The Apprentice You're hired, the 4000T cut out after 55mins (before the end), while the Fox recorded 59mins (after the end). What gives?
The 4000T settings for padding are both set to Auto.
Does it not support accurate recordings?
My HDR T2 recorded both properly despite the 8 min late start. I wonder if it was that that screwed your 4000T i.e. As you suspect, no AR. Did the start of the first show start at 9 or 8 mins past 9 on your 4000T?
The 4000T contained the end of The Apprentice and Rhod Gilberts intro of the You're Hired started at 3'40"
I notice that the 4000T contained about 14' of the end of Sport Personality while The Apprentice started at 15' into the recording.