Incorrect conflict alert?


I've just received a conflict alert for tonight at 2100.
BBC1 Have I Got News For You
BBC2 The Fall
ITV The Level

Looking on the humax at the EPG and the Schedule, there is nothing for The Fall tonight, but the rs package is showing a clash even though it's EPG doesn't show The Fall tonight?

Can anyone explain please, thanks.


FYI, the final episode of The Fall is on next Friday (28th). This will conflict with Have I Got News For You and The Level


Thanks jxp,
I must read things more carefully, the email is about next Friday (28th) and not today!
Sorry for wasting anyone's time.


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I am still getting incorrect conflict alerts:
Conflicts have been detected in your recording schedule on the HDR-Fox T2 (Humax - dc:d3:21:57:a5:f3)
The following events conflict:

9 BBC FOUR        Thu 27/10/16 20:30 - 21:00: New: Hive Minds
      8/13. Belgae v Doosras: Quiz where players not only have to know the a
1 BBC ONE South   Thu 27/10/16 20:00 - 21:00: The Great British Bake Off Class of 2015
      11/11. A catch-up with the contestants from The Great British Bake Off
A conflict between two programs!

There was a conflict with George Clarks Amazing spaces which I resolved by moving that episode to C4+1 but that left the C4 series with no episodes in the events list so it is still considered to be scheduled until an event appears in the list.

The RS conflict checker seems to be a bit confused considering it to be scheduled and causing a conflict but not scheduled when actually listing the conflicts in the email! :confused:

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