Incorrect storage space being reported


I've recently added another HDR (graded from Humax Direct) to my collection and have changed the configuration of fox link and network shares automount on my various boxes after reallocating them around our house. This caused some major issues with all boxes freezing and locking up so realised it was something I had done. I've now reset them all with latest CFW 3.00 from scratch and all seems to be ok with lockups happening very infrequently.

But now I've noticed at least two of my boxes are sporadically reporting incorrect free space in the media menu and the settings > storage looks like the attached and I don't remember ever seeing this before. What would be causing it? Thanks in advance.


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It is caused by a bug in the Humax software which manifests when using NFS shares. You might be using such shares with network shares automount, or foxlink which I think uses NFS. If you only have one box switched on it is fine. If you switch on a second box and, for example, the 'My Video' folder of the second is mounted as an NFS share on the first, the drive space of the second is added to the pie chart. The reserved space calculation goes crazy but this doesn't matter. If the disk on your HDR-FOX were full, turning on a second box could trick the first unit into 'thinking' there was extra disk space and the recording might fail: but it would anyway so it is not a major issue.
I have found a problem (see here) that can occur when you have several large NFS shares mounted. The local machine can 'think' that there is no free space at all and will not record. Because of this I now only mount 2TB disks as Samba shares as these don't suffer from the same problem.
If you are bothered by the incorrect drive space reporting on the HDR-FOX (on the unit only, Web-If drive space calculations are not affected) you can uninstall foxlink, remove your NFS share configuration folders and share everything with Samba. I still use NFS shares, but as I said above, I now avoid NFS when mounting 2TB disks.
Ah thanks that makes sense. Yes I have 3 units which share a unit via foxlink. The shared unit is on all the time so all units should display this issue. A reboot initially fixed it which I thought was weird but now makes sense as I assume it will be "normal" temporarily until the share is mounted.

My NAS is shared via SMB on all units. I may try the SMB route instead of foxlink and see how that goes but appreciate the explanation that there is no issues leaving it as it is. Thanks again.