Info from Humax about LEDs, copying to PC, folders, renaming recordings

Frank S

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I communicated via Chat on the Humax website. (I got to chat by going to then SUPPORT then selected product by use of drop-down menus and then "Chat With Us" appeared at bottom-right of window.) They seemed to understand what I was asking about and quickly provided relevant answers.

Here is edited result of a couple of sessions:

ME: [FAQ for FVP-4000T] says "Your Humax has 2 LED’s which will indicate what the unit is doing at that particular time. See below: • Red LED – Standby • Recording and fully on – Red LED • Recording in standby – Red LED". Is this a typing mistake?

HUMAX: No, that is correct, the LED will be red for all of those occasions. It should be added that when the unit is ON and NOT recording the LED light should be Blue. I will get that amended. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. :)

ME: Two questions about the Humax FVP-4000T that we are thinking of buying: (1) Is it possible to copy recordings from the Humax FVP-4000T to a PC and then play those recordings on the PC? (2) There would be two people using the machine, and we want to keep track of who has watched which recordings. At the moment we have a FOX-T2 and we make our own folders on it and move the recordings into particular folders depending on who has watched them. I have read that the FVP-4000T does not have folders in this sense. Is this correct? Does the FVP-4000T have any other way that could be used to keep track of who has watched which recordings?

HUMAX: Hi there, you can copy SD recordings off the FVP-4000T but unfortunately there is no option to create folders and work out who watched which recordings.

ME: Thanks. Just to clarify: the SD recordings could then be watched on a PC?

HUMAX: Yes that is correct :)

ME: Also, would it be possible to rename recordings (for example as a way of noting who had watched it)?

HUMAX: It is not available at the moment but it is something I can feed back to our team and may change in future updates. :)

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