Install t2 1.03.12 on HD


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I have followed step by step instruction to installing 1.03.12 firmware on HD using WEBIF. I have removed boot-HDR, deleted HDRfs from the mode folder, copied 1.03.12 firmware (hdr_fox_t2_upgrade.hdf) to the mode folder and re-installed boot-HDR. I can see the HDRfs folder had increased to 56 mb and had no errors when boot-HDR was re-installed. Doing all this, my Humax remained on the same firware which is
t2 1.02.31. I was hoping to get Iplayer and yutube back by upgrading.
Could somebody please guide me if I did something wrong. Thanks
What you have done sounds correct but the unit will still behave as a standard HD-FOX until you trigger HDR mode. I am not near a HD-FOX, but I think under /drive1/Video there is a folder called *modsettings (not the folder with square brackets). In there is a folder called 'TriggerHDR' or something similar. If you move this folder (Web-If or remote control) to the root of the Video folder the box will reboot into HDR mode. You should now be able to use iPlayer etc. Note that in this mode the front panel display will not work and it not possible to record normal programmes, so don't change mode while you have scheduled recordings about to start. When you are done, reboot and the box will return to being a normal HD-FOX.
I was hoping to get Iplayer and yutube back by upgrading.
There is a misunderstanding.

BootHDR was originally developed to enable a decrypt-on-copy function on the HD-FOX. In order to do this, the HD-FOX is forced to run HDR-FOX firmware temporarily - which tricks it into decrypting StDef (and unprotected HiDef recordings) when copied between different USB drives using the OPT+ menu (handset button). The HD-FOX will not function normally while it is in HDR mode.

As a side effect, it has been found that some other functions do work while in HDR mode, including the TV Portal, so as stated you will be able to use the 1.03.xx firmware to access iPlayer etc (and use the WebIF to save streamed video), but only while in HDR mode. You must use the instructions to deliberately enter HDR mode each time you wish to use it, and reboot to normal mode for recording off air. Installing BootHDR is not sufficient.