Install webif via tethering on mobile phone

Following network issues: It just passed midnight (12am) in the uk, yesterday (2 hours ago) I connected my humax hdr t2 to the home network via home plugs (router upstairs t2 down stairs) I think that on the stroke of midnight the humax powered off and system restarted, powered back on for about 5 seconds, then went into a continuous loop. I have unplugged the network cable and its now starting up again as normal. I have another t2 upstairs and a WD MyCloud network storage device. Until just now there was no problem between the t2 & mycloud device upstairs and I did watch something on the t2 downstairs via the mycloud device upstairs and it worked fine but like I said above, just as the date changed it went into that boot loop. Any idea why?

I have decided to install custom FW to run the diagnostics tool to clear the network issues. I have a home network but no internet (only just moved into new house), i have installed the custom FW into the humax t2 but when I enter the ip into my web browser it will not download what is needed because the computer is on the same (home) network at the T2 but then I have to get onto the internet via disconnecting from the home network and tethering to my mobile phone but obviously the T2 is no longer on the same network as the computer because the computer is now tethering to my phone, is there a way around this?


Also: since updating to the custom FW the T2 has been on the home network via home plugs and it only rebooted once (I needed to plug into the home network to get IP address for webif)

Ezra Pound

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As you say you have installed the Custom Firmware, I assume your next step is to get the 'Full Web Interface' onto your HDR-Fox T2, If this is the case you can download the Web-If bundle (Web-If plus all dependant packages) to your computer while connected to your (tethered) internet connection and then place this package onto a USB flash drive, When the drive is connected to a HDR-Fox T2 USB port and the unit is power cycled, the contents of the Flash drive will be installed onto the HDR-Fox T2, thus avoiding having to connect the HDR-Fox T2 to the internet.

The Web-If Bundle link is here :-
and there are notes of installing from USB here :-