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Just a question. If I press record my HDR box says recording the current program. Back in my TiVo days if I did this the box recorded the whole program, I.e. it used the buffer to start the recording from the beginning. So if I missed the beginning and wanted to record the show it did. Pressing instant record on my hummy it records from the time I press record... Am I missing something?

It possible to record from the live buffer, But you must display the buffer time line and re-wind it back manually to the start of the program before pushing Record
Ann ok, thanks. Bit of a shame it doesn't just do it but at least it can to a degree. Thanks for the answer.
Having moved to the Humax from a Topfield this lack of being able to think 'ooh, this is interesting, I'll record it' while into a programme and pressing record only gives you 'instant record' from where you are drives me mad as I keep on doing it, then remember I have to rewind it first, but by then it is too late as you can't cancel and go back to record from the beginning.

Is there an add-on that ask you when you press record to rewind first, or anything like that please?
It would be possible to intercept the "record" button and make it do something else - every time you press it - but not on a selective basis.

As with every change of equipment (a new car comes to mind) there are things you have to get used to.
We have a bit of custom software called rc, which creates a web browser remote control and can also tweak the way the real RC works. It means installing the custom firmware, but I think you are expecting too much.

It is only possible to substitute an RC button press with another button press (or sequence of button presses), which you can do yourself for the web RC but will require a modification for the real RC. If you can work out what button sequence you would like to happen every time the record button is pressed, that's fine - but I bet there isn't one.

Don't forget there are +1 channels for ITV, and iPlayer for BBC, and these days practically everything gets repeated within a week or two.
I have already installed custom firmware for web interface and a few packages, easy as I'm very used to TAPs on my Toppy!
OK, so install the ir package and have a play with creating macros in the WebIF RC. When you find one that works we can talk about making it an option on the real RC.
Thanks, I've been playing with the ir package but realise now that this isn't really going to help me as I just want to stop myself using the record button for on-the-fly recording, not for when scheduling recordings in the Guide.

So I'll create a macro on my Harmony remote instead to take over the record button and just put the standard record function on another button; that will have to do for now.

Cheers anyway!