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Instructions for manual retune.

Discussion in 'PVR-9150 Freeview Recorder' started by Adrian, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Adrian

    Adrian New Member

    I have received the following instructions on how to carry out a manual retune from Humax, if might be useful to someone:-

    Please follow these steps to manual tune your unit,

    Note: A Manual tune is required to resolve issues with programmes/channels received and resolve EPG and recording issues.

    Following these instructions will reset some system settings including your Recording Schedule (Please replace when complete to ensure you still record favourite programmes)

    Any previous recorded programmes will be saved.

    1. Press the MENU button on the Humax remote,
    2. Using the directional buttons move to Installation and press OK,
    3. Enter the password (Default is “0000”)
    4. Move to Default Setting and press OK
    5. A pop up will appear, Move to YES and press OK,
    6. Enter the password (Default is “0000”)
    7. “Now initialising all setting values!” will appear, please allow a few seconds for the unit to reboot,
    8. After the Loader version will be followed by an AUTOMATIC SEARCH,
    10. Press OK to acknowledge “No Channels Found”
    NOTE: If any channels are found during the automatic search do NOT save the Results.

    1. When you see the Notice “No channels are available now, Please press ok to search channels”
    2. Press the OK button to open the Installation menu;
    3. Move to “Manual Search” and Press OK
    Please Read Carefully:

    ·Highlight Channel and press OK

    ·From the List (21 – 69) select the channel number you require and press OK,

    ·Select Search and press OK, once the search is complete Save the results

    ·Conduct this search for all the channel numbers below: (Guidance only see post below)

    Channel 1: 55

    Channel 2: 59

    Channel 3: 42

    Channel 4: 45

    Channel 5: 50

    Once you have completed searching and saving all the channel numbers and the programmes that they provide press the EXIT button on the remote to return to BBC1, your EPG (Guide) will not be populated, for best results leave on BBC1 for 5-10 minutes to populate the information.

    Important Note:

    Your Screen Ratio will have changed; To correct this after the tune please access the Menu, Press OK on PREFERENCES, then OK on AV CONTROL, and then OK on SCREEN RATIO to change it to 16:9 then press EXIT to finalise,
  2. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

  3. wantflatinfav

    wantflatinfav New Member

    I have had this problem with my humax box, you can just delete all channels ( tv and radio ) from the channels menu, then select manual tune as detailed in posts I can't link to yet as am a new member, but thanks to them.
    This worked for me using the local Bluebell hill channels, 46 43 40+ 45 39+ 54 ( I couldn't figure out how to get the + so I just used 40 and 39 and that seemed fine ) All except 40+ came back with 95 tv and 24 radio found, for some reason 40+ came back with nothing. I set the network tune to enabled but I have no idea if that made a difference.
    This worked for me and I now have no channels in the 800's and the recordings are so far much better quality and channels are where I expect to find them, I also use a laptop and kaffiene to record freeview and with this I can select my local transmitter from a list, this would be a good feature to be included in new software updates. Hope these posts help any body else with this problem as I was about ready to bin the box.

    Thanks to all who posted tips for this problem.
  4. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    40 is correct for "40+", the "+" just means the actual transmitted frequency is not at the normal channel spacing, and the receiver's automatic frequency control will lock onto it OK.

    If the 9150 is anything like the HDR-FOX in that respect, network search is not required.
  5. prpr

    prpr Well-Known Member

    Channel 40 is the DVB-T2/HD mux. which these old models don't support.
  6. wantflatinfav

    wantflatinfav New Member

    thank you both for the above posts, at least I know I'm getting somewhere and why the + wouldn't enter or the ch40 mux. Thanks again D.
  7. Biggles

    Biggles Member

    Network Search should be OFF if you're following my Manual Search Instructions, see your other forum post.