integration of 'ir' in the 'webif' epg



I have just got myself a latitude 10 tablet, so will be using the webif much more.
I was wondering whether the IR package could be integrated into the webif epg, so that you could click a now playing program or the channel header in the epg listing and have the now playing channel physically changed?

Both the ' now playing program' (On Now) and the channel header (Channel Name) already have links to 'Program Details' and 'Single channel listing', but the Channel Logo and Channel number could be used. I think it is more logical to click on something in the Channel area say the Channel Logo, as it is easily locatable in both 'Now and Next' and Grid modes of the EPG
Yes, it would be easy enough to do something. I like Ezra's idea of using the channel logo/number.
I know, the 'Are You Sure' pop-ups can be annoying, but I think it would be safer to have one just in case a user has pressed instant record, only to find the channel has been inadvertently switched by someone else who is checking out the EPG
I've added channel change to the channel icons in various places in webif 1.0.6.. if there's anywhere else you think it would be useful let me know.
The EPG Channel Change option is a very good addition, I have spotted a problem that it runs into due to a Humax bug. There has always been a problem with the HDR where if you are watching say channel 5 and you press the 5 button again 9 function are locked out, (This is nothing to do with the Custom Firmware), however, it is possible to enter this state by selecting the 'Change Channel' option on the Web-If EPG twice using the same icon
It would be useful if the subsystem blocked attempts to "change" to the current channel. I was thinking about whether the IR package could do similar by intercepting handset input, but I don't think it's viable. However, the virtual remote could have the channel short-cuts blocked.
thanks af123. It works great. Could the confirmation dialogue be a configured setting, its fine, just a mild annoyance, as its not required in this house.