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Intermittent error on three channels only


New Member
For the past two weeks I have been getting the intermittent error message "The receiver is not receiving a signal or the signal is too weak", only on channels 104 (Ch4), 122 (E4) and 125 (More4+1). All other channels are working fine.
I followed Freesat's advice to rescan and to replug the box. These did not solve the problem.
It's a 6 year old Humax Freesat G2 500 (HDR-1000S/1010S) with an older Sky dish.
Any help much appreciated


Well-Known Member
While tuned to the channels, what does the signal info screen say about the signal strength and quality ?

There is a number of possibilities

The Dish has moved slightly

You Have water in the coax cabling due to inadequate water protection at the lnb end

The lnb needs replacing.

All the channels you have problems with are horizontally polarised. The lnb skew may need adjustment.

I would imagine you will also have issues with the other channels on the same transponder

300 Film4

974 Channel 4


New Member
Many thanks. You are of course right - Channels 300 & 974 also out. I have called in a dishologist.