intermittent signal loss


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My Humax signal loss is baffling me. Again this afternoon, I came home from work and the box had lost reception to all channels. A 2nd TV in the next room connected to the same aerial, continued to receive the same TV channels with no problem. Both the Humax and the TV attached to it lost reception - so the Humax was not passing the signal through, although it was powered on.

I fitted a new lead from the wall splitter to the Humax and swapped connections with the TV in the next room. No difference. Only by powering off and on again, does the box work again, until the next day! Has anyone had this type of issue with the HDR before? To me it would seem to be hardware related, but I'm willing to accept any advice if anyone else has had and fixed a similar problem.
Sounds like a hardware fault. Reset the box to factory defaults and rescan.
If it does it again, I'd ask for a replacement.
Hi Chris, that is exactly what I have done as I'm guessing Humax support will also advise the same - backedup the schedule, factory reset, rescan.

Now for the wait until I get home this afternoon......

thanks for the reply.
Just grasping at straws here, but is it possible for you to move the HDR to where the other 'unaffected' TV is? So that you are using its ariel feed. I know that ultimately it is connected to the same ariel, but you might have a problem in a connection somewhere.

edit: I have just re-read your original post, you might have already done what I have suggested.
Well - it's been a few days now without issues. I defaulted and re-scanned but the next evening sure enough as I walked in, changed channels to a hd channel, the message came up that the signal was scrambled or too weak (can't remember the exact wording). However I flicked channels and it came back.

I have also since found, that I although I had given the humax a static IP address, I had not taken it out of the address pool on my dhcp server and I was occasionally getting IP conflicts (schoolboy error!). I also reseated the hdmi Onkyo AV inputs leads and have had no problems so far........ Just as well as Humax support haven't replied to my e-mail yet! Anyway thanks for the suggestions.