internal 2.5" portable hard drive experiences ok?


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I'm looking at putting in a laptop disk as I'm thinking of putting the box in the bedroom and its needs to be super quiet. Looking at a 2TB drive and I'm wondering if anyone can report that these drives are ok as there aren't designed for PVR/DVR usage. Also are the quieter? Also I'm assuming that the latest CF will format the drive fine, going by the blog/wiki notes.

Edit. Realised, I've already asked a similar question about this. Be good though to know if anyone has any bad experiences or can recommend any 2.5" drives that might be best suited....or will pretty much any drive be ok?
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or will pretty much any drive be ok?
Pretty much any drive will work initially. Problems may arise as the drive ages and sectors are being reallocated. A disk designed for PVR usage will not try multiple re-reads of marginal sectors; a disk designed for normal use will place a higher priority in retaining data and will re-read more times and this can result in jerky playback.


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I have not used a 2.5 inch HDD in a PVR myself. I have not found a 2TB model that claims suitability in a PVR, but Western Digital do sell a 1TB 2.5 inch PVR drive. The model number is WD10JUCT. Take a look here on the WD website.