Internet radio, good stations

Hi Keith,
We're currently in Portugal and have just tuned in. We'll give it a go this evening. Hospital radio?
Hi Rob, yes hospital radio.

I help out there and tonight 8 pm till 10 pm is more my style;

20:00 – 22:00 – Oldest Top 20 Chart Show with Louise Bugeja
Golden Oldies Top 20 Chart Show. Top 20 Charts from 2 chart years ranging from mid to late 50’s to 1995 with the countdown and information about the song i.e.: where in the chart it peaked (pick of the pops style).
Hi Keith,

Tuned in about 5.30pm and they were playing Slade's Merry Bl**day Xmas. As we come here to get away from all the crap, I'll tune in another night!
No, unfortunately caught it on station MBO 106.1 Algarve. Really hard to get away from it all :-( Bah bloody humbug!
It is even worse when you are around the station, each time the presenter changes you know you are going to hear those - plus a few others.

Roll on January!

I find it amazing that very few new Xmas records are made and that those that do never stand the test of time. So, as usual we are subjected to the same old rubbish year after year. I find it disappointing that the DJ's don't revolt.
You may have guessed by the tone of this missive that it's raining here too!
:) The sun is out, the sky is blue, there ain't a cloud to spoil the view..…...…….….:whistling: