Interview with Graham North from Humax

For HDR-Fox T2 . . . Quote :- "It has been in the market for some time but we are continuing to run with it, e.g. New browser and new portal services" End Quote, however Remote scheduling is being looked into for Satellite and You-View only. So although it is their biggest selling produce it will have little development from now. I have a 5MB recording of the podcast if anybody wants it.
He also mentioned VOD services.. (Video on demand)
Might be interesting.. Then again, might be rubbish.. But at least it's more than what we have now.
I've just listened to this, with interest in the hints about future updates to the HDR T2. Several times I found myself thinking "hang on, we've already got that!" Then of course I realise it's in the custom firmware. Eg the talk about an ios app to control the box 'because typing without a querty keyboard can be difficult' or words to that effect.
Ideally Humax would adopt and distribute the custom firmware ( after proper QC of course ) and put their own efforts into features beyond the scope of hacks. I didn't get a feel for anything much new for the existing boxes. I guess as primarily a box seller there is not much incentive for them to keep adding features to existing kit unless to add paid for services from which they can take a cut. Like Apple do with Netflix and iTunes on AppleTV.