Invisible Files?


If I look at my [cut] folder using Browse Media Files in the Web interface, it says that the folder size is 27.5GiB. But the only visible items in [cut] are done (size 2.3 GiB), original (size 3.7GiB) and the Move files here item.

If I use an ftp program to look at files, I can see a bunch of files, all of which have name of form

(program name)_(program date)-cut(date), where the parentheses are not part of the file name, just for readability.

So what's going on? Why can't I see these using Browse Media Files? Can I safely delete them using the ftp program? Or some other way?

These files look (in terms of size) as though they might consist of the portion of the files that have been cut out, but I am not sure of this.
Did you create the [Cut] folder or was it generated by a Custom firmware package e.g. Nicesplice Magic Folders? what are the file end names for the files only visible using FTP e.g. *.ts, *.hmt, *.thm etc?
I'm guessing that these files have been 'left behind' after Nicesplice Magic Folders has processed the original files into the 'done' and 'original' sub folders
Yes, [Cut] was generated by Nicesplice Magic Folders.

Oddly, the files do not have an extension at all. Judging from their sizes (several hundred megabytes) they must be ts files.

I agree that they must have been left behind in some way. But why has this happened, can I stop it hapening again, and how safe is it to delete the files using my ftp program to delete them (since that's the only way they are visible)?

Or would it be best to remove the Magic Folders package, then delete the [Edit] folder, and finally reinstall Magic Folders?
I would edit the files with no extension to be *.ts files, they should then be 'visible' and playable, you can then determine what they are before deciding whether to delete them, I suspect they are either duplicates of existing files in [done] or [original] folders or maybe the 'cut-out' bit you didn't want anyway

Some FTP clients allow rename such as WS_FTP Pro or if you can't rename via FTP you could use Telnet and use a command line e.g. :-

 mv Titanic_20140430_1640 Titanic_20140430_1640.ts

Sorry original post got cut short
Renaming the files in the ftp program to have a .ts extension worked to make them visible. They would not play, though. But now they could be seen, I simply deleted them.

Thanks for the help.