IP Address Question

Old Blue

I'm not that familiar with networks, so apologies if this is a dumb question.

I've just replaced my router, and unlike the old one, there doesn't seem to be an option to always assign the same ip address to the Humax. As a consequence it changes every 24hrs which makes logging in a pain.

It would appear that the answer is to change the 'configue ip' setting on the box from automatic to manual. Is this right?

Black Hole

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Yes, it could be done that way ("Manual" rather than "DHCP"), but to do it properly means assigning an IP address outside the pool your router uses for DHCP requests. I find it hard to believe you have no control at the router end.

For more info see Configuring IP Address (click).

Old Blue

Ok thanks - very informative.

In the background, however, I've been saved. I explained the problem to my 13 yr old son and within 30 seconds he'd found out how to do it on the router...!