iPlayer - can it download?


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I have only used the BBC iPlayer on a computer. Now I am considering the HDR 2000T or similar. My broadband speed is about 3 Mbps.

Does iPlayer on a PVR allow download at HD quality? The BBC FAQ says downloads are for PC and Mac only. Can you buffer a stream to watch it smoothly a short time later? What about SD programmes? Can a computer be used to serve from an iPlayer download using DLNA? How about other services such as 4oD?

Ezra Pound

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As a general rule PVRs do not allow BBC I-player content to be played after download, some do buffer content so you could start to view, pause and then play from the buffer to overcome a slow broadband link. The Humax HDR-Fox T2 (running custom firmware) can store a copy of a BBC I-player programme for later viewing or to allow copying as a file. The 2000T can't run custom firmware, but probably does allow playing from a buffer to overcome a slow broadband link. A PC would be able to steam a file using DLNA to a Humax PVR but only after the file has been stored on the PC as a file, I'm not sure software exist to forward an I-Player stream to say a PVR without capturing the programme as a file first