iPlayer HD resolution and bit rate on HDR Fox T2?

Owen Smith

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I watched Fort Salem on iPlayer on my parents HDR Fox T2 last night. I gave up on iPlayer on my own HDR a couple of years ago after a BBC change meant we got reduced resolution even with HD selected in iPlayer settings. I've been using my Sony TV iPlayer since then, it gave a clearly better picture. But my parents have no other player and I was pleasantly surprised by the picture quality last night. No doubt the BBC have changed something again, does anyone know what?

For the avoidance of doubt, I have HD selected in iPlayer options and I am NOT using the Beta iPlayer.

Owen Smith

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I assume you are aware the picture quality gets throttled back if the Internet bandwidth isn't sufficient?
I am aware of this. At my house I had 80/20 VDSL (synced at 79.99/19.99 megabits) or G.Fast (synced at 305/49.99) depending on when I was last trying the HDR Fox T2 iPlayer at my house. I have 80/20 VDSL at my parents synced at about 38/5.8 megabits, so the worst I have had delivering the best picture quality. All of these are on the same ISP namely Andrews & Arnold. At my house I am about 110m from the cabinet which explains the high sync rates.

Speed tests in all cases show the usable bandwidth is a little less than the line sync speeds as one would expect, except that for my G.Fast I don't own any equipment that can saturate the downlink.


I don't know about any changes, but the best you can get is 720p50 with stereo sound - it's been like that for long time.