iPlayer in Italy

Michaela 21

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Hi All, This is my first posting and I hope you can help me. As we will be losing all the Terestrial chanels soon I wondered if its possible to watch them via the Humax's internet port ? Is there a special router out there that can change my broadband IP to a UK one ( I am not great with computers) or some other gismo, please remember that I already have broadband here. Many thanks in advance.

Ezra Pound

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The only option I have found is a paid for service, (Currently 40 UK Pounds per Year) here http://www.tvwhenaway.co.uk/
There is a Youtube video that explains how to get a Chrome Browser with extensions to use a U.K. proxy IP address HERE, Note, I am not sure of the legality of this procedure so it is up to you to check if you should be doing this

Black Hole

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If you have friends/family in the UK, you could consider having kit stationed in the UK and then access it through a Slingbox.


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I always swore by the free hotspot shield but over the past few months BBC and Channel 4 have slowly stopped working with it.
I registered a 90 days with Laptoptelly and all of the UK channels work fine on it, I will be trying out the US sites at the weekend.