iPlayer - Jay Rayner Gets Stuffed


Can someone try this program please, I missed recording it yesterday and have tried to play it on iPlayer via the Humax but it just freezes up the machine.

Be warned mine locked for about 30 minutes before it finally exited the Portal.
Isn't this the ongoing radio player side issue with the Humax on 1.02.xx software. If you upgrade to 1.03.06 or 1.03.11 you will be fine using the new iPlayer software but note if you have used the old custom software and installed portals you have to get rid of them. If you haven't previously used the old custom portal this won't be an issue.
I haven't had any issues with iPlayer and have only recently updated my custom firmware (see signature) so wondered if it was a coincidence.
I doesn't play on my box, but it doesn't play on my iPad either. My TV does play it.
My box didn't lock-up.
I haven't had any issues with iPlayer and have only recently updated my custom firmware (see signature) so wondered if it was a coincidence.
How long since you tried to access the radio side of iPlayer? It no longer appears to work for pre-1.03.06 standard firmware, and my boxes lock up the same as you have noted, but for less time (variable).
I has been a while since I tried radio, just tried some random TV shows and they all played fine :(

Which is the newest version of the official software I can update to?
Correction: I have tried iPlayer (radio) on my iPad again and it is working.
1.03.11 is fine just checked it and Android is fine with both the radio player app and the general one.
But then neither is "official" since Humax have chosen not too release any upgrades to the software to existing owners but see fit to ship it on reconditioned boxes so that to me makes it official. Cue debate on different tuners and definition of "official". Get the pipes out and roll the moustes.
The 1.03.06 and 1.03.11 non Custom Firmware Versions that have been extracted from user's units performs in the same way as the firmware Humax is shipping and it is very unlikely that a unit returned to Humax with an extracted Firmware would ever be spotted, however af123 is being cautious because it is theoretically possible to distinguish between the shipped and the extracted versions if they tried
Exactly... I have read his prose on the subject. The series number will be correct but size different as I recall.

They would be aware that the iPlayer usage through the Humax portal doesn't tally with what they have shipped assuming that the extracted version use is much higher. Its all bizarre that they have chosen not to upgrade their customer base.
I guess that with this iPlayer problem Humax will either have to fix iPlayer or will be forced to release an OTA. Has the problem been acknowledged on myhumax.org (or whatever it is)?