iPlayer not working under new firmware 1.03.12 - SOLVED


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We only use BBC iPlayer occasionally on our HDR-Fox T2, but tried last night and it appears dead... The TV Portal loads fine, internet connection all working (YouTube, Wiki etc all load with content). But iPlayer loads showing "cannot display programme information", all the navigation buttons are there for channels, faves, search etc, but no content appears, just a black screen.

I've tried connecting to our router directly via Ethernet cable (just in case our Powerine adapters were causing an issue), but always the same, portal loads fine, content in all apps except iPlayer. Nothing wrong with our connection, as is fine on our other computers. Is this a new firmware issue?
(last time we used it was just after Christmas(!) and it worked fine on our Humax.

Firmware is listed as "FHTCP 1.03.12" update date "7 Feb 2014".

Any ideas?
I have just checked this, and can confirm that iPlayer IS working for me with firmware 1.03.12, perhaps you could try it again and report back.
Hmmm, definitely not working here. I wonder if they've changed some port settings or something in iPlayer or the update which our router is blocking and wasn't required before? All working fine under Windows and OS X, but not on the Humax... Will investigate further... Odd that the other apps are working ok.
Perhaps you have discovered the bug as to why it was withdrawn. You could try stepping back versions to 1.03.11 or 1.03.06. That's if the custom ones are still posted up. No problems here although last week there was sporadic performance Monday or Tuesday which was suggested to be network issues. Could always be Humax engineers in the equipment cupboard during the day pulling stuff out. After you got the magenta I logo you did press ok to kick it off... That's if you have never used this version.
This version of iPlayer is completely hosted by the BBC. Humax are not involved in the loop as far as I know.

I would start with the router. Is there a built in firewall? Are there logs? May also be a fault with your ISP?

Could also try re-flashing the firmware in case it's just a faulty/corrupt flash.
Hi all, it must be since iPlayer has been updated as I've also tested it on one of our other "smart TVs" and get exactly the same issue, so it's definitely not down to the Humax or the update as suggested in my first post. Timing was just coincidental. Must be a router thing, as it's absolutely fine on desktop computers...
Solved! Yes, as suspected it was the router, and the brilliant people at Zen (our flawless ISP), found it was a setting in the router (an old, but very, stable Speedtouch 546) which was intercepting all web traffic, disabled in the Config pages - and instantly iPlayer now works on the Humax and our smart TV! Tried to edit the title of the thread to say solved, if any admins can, that would be great. Thanks all for your input.