iPlayer on the HDRFox T2 doesn't show all programs


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My daughter wanted to watch the film The Sorcerer's Apprentice on the HDRFox T2 but noone had remembered to schedule it to record. Never mind, we thought, we'll just watch it on iPlayer. However, we couldn't find it listed when accessing iPlayer via the Hummy. Going to the PC, we found it in moments. Why doesn't the Hummy iPlayer app show all the programs available on the iPlayer? What criteria does it use to exclude some?
The Humax stream requires an MP4 version to be made available. If you try too soon after transmission the content won't be available, and the live programme is not available like on a web browser.

Then there are rights issues. If the copyright holder has not explicitly given permission for an MP4 version and/or for it to be made available for streaming to smart TVs etc, then it won't be.
OK. It won't be that it was too soon as it was broadcast several days ago so it will probably be the rights thing.
To be honest, I was not aware that iPlayer had more than one format. On the face of it, it does seem a bit odd that it should be OK to watch it on a PC but not on a TV. Maybe it's that the non-MP4 version is more secure. Anyway, thanks for the info BH, it seems there is nothing to be done about it.
iPlayer used to be streamed as Flash, but when smart TVs etc wanted something more friendly the BBC was at the head of the game to provide MP4 - but then HTML5 came along and everyone else jumped a different way.