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Iplayer problems


Active Member
There are programmes on the iplayer which do not appear in search results on humax. Could someone try replicate the following search: The apprentice only brings up one result episode 11, when on the wii I get episode 11 and 12.

Also when in the iplayer whilst navigating to the right programme it froze the humax, needed power off/on to come back to life.


Active Member
Same here, it plays well. The freezing happened on another occasion. The point is that it misses out on programmes. Quite bad!

Chris Green

The omission isn't just limited to the Humax box. Just tried my 3View box and got the same single selection whilst PC access to iPlayer shows episodes 11 and 12. Could this be that the Wii box accesses a different 'portal' to access the BBC - does the screen look the same for example?

I've also noticed that the search facility on both boxes (despite fast broadband) can be so slow as to appear locked. There's even a long wait for the cursor to start flashing again between keying in letters.


Staff member
I have just tried this on my Technika SmartBox 8320 HD box and only had to type th into the search box, and got episodes 11 and 12 near the top of the list.