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Is iPlayer OK right now? I'm trying to run Great British Railway Journeys from earlier this evening and it keeps dumping me back to the title page.
Anyone else continuing to have iPlayer problems over the last few days?

I can't stream some programmes and the Humax returns me to the programme page. For example I can't stream "The Genius of Invention - Episode 2. Speed" in HD but I can other HD programmes with no trouble. I also can't stream some kid's programmes like "Andy's Wild Adventures Episode 20. Cheetahs". It's infuriating.

I note that the BBC have an issue over the last few days but the Humax isn't listed. see http://iplayerhelp.external.bbc.co.uk/help/announcements/iplayer_unavail_010213
I have just tried those two programmes, "Speed" seems OK now but "Cheetahs" will not play on my HDFox or SmartTV.
Thanks 4291. At least others are having some, if not all the same issues, and its not just me.

I sent a query to BBC iPlayer support yesterday and got an email response today which stated "I would advise you to check that your Humax set top box is supported by BBC iPlayer." Very helpful!!