IPv6 support?

Owen Smith

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Does the HDR Fox T2 with 1.03.12 have any IPv6 support? I'm on Andrews & Arnold ISP so I have a true IPv6 connection to the outside world.
You would be one of the best people to answer that..

How? If you want me to telnet into the humax and type some commands and then paste the results here then I will, but someone needs to tell me what to type.

By the way, http://rs.hummypkg.org.uk/ has an IPv6 address and a true IPv6 path between my house and the server. But I'd trade that for an htttps connection to it any day.
The standard kernel does not have IPv6 support enabled. A new version could be built with it enabled but since it is quite old it may well be buggy. Also the humaxtv app. is very unlikely to provide support for it.