IR Conflict between TV and Freesat box

Mark Hickman

New Member
When I turn off my television, an LG smart 55 tv... using the TV remote my 1010s box also turns off, like wise, when I turn off my freesat box with the Humax remote, the TV goes off. Does anybody know "is there a reprogramming facility available on the remote please?"


It's down to CEC HDMI control on the LG TV. LG call the system Simplelink. Look for it in the TV setup options and turn it off. You can change the remote mode on the Humax remote but it won't help as it's the TV. Try turning off the TV with it's own power button (No ir involved).
I find the auto I/P switching of my 9200 a pain in the butt. It immediately switches to the scart I/P, then back again then to the scart I/P whilst the box boots just because I want to switch it on to record something in a while, not to watch it. Even if I wanted to watch it, I would watch something else untillit had fully booted. I would imagine that one device auto switching the TV on or the converse would be a double pain in the butt. Just my take on it.
If you don't mind having to manually select aspect ratio on the TV then push back or remove pin 8 from one of the scart plugs.
Thanks GLT. Setting the aspect ratio would be preferable to auto switching I think. I'll give it a go later and see what happens.