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Beta [ir] (pseudo) discrete power off


Staff member
For a while now, in common with quite a few others, I've been using 0 as a pseudo discrete power on button for my HDR Fox T2. Since I also use the automatic power-off after 3 hours, occasionally my programmable remote gets out of sync and powers the box on when it should turn it off. To address that, I've updated the ir package with the ability to map foreign remote control codes, and I've assigned one of them to power toggle. When the Humax is up and running, the ir package will map this foreign code to power toggle but when it is is in standby the code is ignored (by the front panel). It's not perfect but a lot better than before and probably the closest we can get to having discrete power on/off codes.

This is available in the beta ir 1.13 package and configured through the existing /mod/boot/ir3.map file.

I was originally just going to use the power toggle code from one of the other Humax remote control modes, but my RM-F04 is playing up (the PVR section just does not work at all, I wonder if it has forgotten something having been without batteries for a few years?). What I did was to program the audio mode of the RM-F04 (original Humax remote control) to code 016, enable debug logging in the ir package and then watch the humaxtv.log to see what codes it sent. I saw that when I press the 3 button, I get this in the log:

Real IR code: 00000000 0x7887827d (87) [foreign=1]
Real IR code: 0x000001 0x7887827d (87) [foreign=1]
I then added a line to /mod/boot/ir3.map:

0x7887827d:0:Discrete power off
(the leading 0x is the magic bit that makes this a foreign control mapping and 0 is the power toggle code)

I then taught the new command to my programmable remote (Logitech Touch) as PowerOff and set this as the code to send to power the device off.

Now when I send this code I see the following entries in the humaxtv.log.

Foreign 7887827d mapped to 0
Real IR code: 00000000 0xff001000 (87) [foreign=0]
and the device goes into standby.