Is Iplayer different on Humax?


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Sorry I am fairly new to this but have searched and cant find anything similar.

I wanted to watch the Adele concert that was on Sunday eve (1st Jan) but it does not appear on my Humax Portal Iplayer. However when I look on a PC/IPad etc it is there. Are the versions of Iplayer different or have I missed something?

I am using the latest version of the custom firmware.

PS great forum and have learnt loads - thanks all.

Correct - not everything on the standard browser interface is made available on the portal interface. The same is true of YouTube.
Any idea why? Is it because it could be recorded?

Thanks for the quick reply
No idea, and the Portal interface is more of an impediment to ripping than the normal PC browser would be! (though not to us, obviously)
So typical! I tested the "Save last streamed content" feature which worked a dream and actually had found something I wanted to use it for.

Out of curiosity I compared both versions of IPlayer you refer to and the Adele prog is the only difference in the content. I find it difficult to understand why they would want to have versions with different content.
I never was prepared for the world I was about to enter!

Get I-Player worked a treat on my Samsung TV accross the network but I could not see it on the Humax so I kept looking for a solution. I finally came across Serviio with the Iplayer plug in and the feeds that you need to go with it and I can now see it on both the Humax and the Samsung TV which is fab.
I am now replaying it on the Humax to see if I can then record the last streamed content.

Once again thanks for the help!
Yes thanks I did use Get-iPlayer which worked on the pc but I would like it on the main tv down in the lounge on the Humax HDD so it is easy to play and can also use the amp.
Unfortunately when I streamed from Serviio to the Himax the "record last streamed from IPlayer" did not work either but will keep trying and will give an update when I get it working

Streaming from iPlayer or YouTube (using the TV Portal) buffers the video to a file which arrives at network speed and remains intact afterwards so we can rip it. There is nothing similar to rip from the DLNA client.
You can download Adele Live at the Albert Hall using Get I-Player
Good point. Is anybody working on a port of get_iplayer for the Humax? It would be very convenient, and it could be programmed to download programs during the night.
I think the main sticking point is flvstreamer. I gave it a try, and it compiles just fine, but it does not work. Ideas?