Is iPlayer no longer working on software version 1.02.32?


I last used BBC iPlayer successfully about two weeks ago (via the TV Portal on the HDR-FOX T2)

However this weekend, its not functioning as usual.

The 'TV Portal' loads, all the icons are shown, but if I chose iPlayer, it starts up and displays all the headers and tabs but is otherwise blank - just black space where the images usually appear.

I have tried to access it on different days, on two different HDRs and with a hard reboot, but no joy.

BBC News, and BBC Sport present blank screens also, but all the other options (YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr etc) are OK and work the same as ever.

Both boxes are running on software version 1.02.32 (because I prefer the faster EPG) so my inital conclusion is that the 'old' 1.02.32 version of iPlayer is now defunct, and I'll have to install the 1.03. software if I want iPlayer access on the HDR.

However my conclusion may be wrong, so I would be grateful for feedback on whether iPlayer is working for other people, on any of the software versions.


It's been all over the news. IPlayer suffered a global outage.

Thanks Chris.
Bad news for the BBC then, but potentially good news for me, as that would mean it's not an HDR issue and normal service may resume without me having to change anything.

Its an odd one though, as some parts of iPlayer via computer are working fine - when we couldn't access via HDR earlier, we went onto iPlayer PC version and the video played successfully.


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It's expected. It will be split over different servers. As they start to come back online, certain elements will come back to life.

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Then it started working again on the Humax last night, but not working today (Monday) although the BBC says it's fixed now.

Edit: Now working again, 20 mins latter