Is it possible to change the boot screen?


Such a petty little thing but it's bothering me...

I got a new TV last week and my Fox is working fine on it, only problem I've noticed is on bootup. The "HUMAX" boot screen is ever so slightly mis-aligned so there's a green border across the bottom and right side of the screen. I tried changing the display settings on the TV to stretch the screen a bit which sorts the problem out on bootup but then I noticed there's a bit missing on the bottom and side when I'm accessing the guide (we're only talking a few pixels here so I could live with it).

So I was wondering if it might be the bootup screen itself - ie. the Humax isn't expecting a "full pixel" display at bootup so just throws any old pic up there.... and if that's the case, can I replace it with something better (or at least something that is big enough to fill the screen)?

Also, it's a pity there's no HDMI control on the Fox - something I can live without though.

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It's just the HDMI needs to sync up properly (I think). I can get in a state where I have a green stripe down the left hand side if the picture from my Qumi via a HDMI matrix switch, which gets cured by a quick cycle through the options on the V-FORMAT button (why is there no 720p?) to force a HDMI resync.


So it's not the bootup image after all but the Fox displaying the image before the sync? Not to worry then, I can live with it. I guess it's progress though - my old TV sometimes flashed up an "unsupported" error when the Fox booted.