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Is it time for a firmware update?

Discussion in 'PVR-9200 Freeview Recorder' started by RedDwarf, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. RedDwarf

    RedDwarf New Member

    My 9200T still has the original firmware that was installed when I received it, which is 1.00.15 and getting quite old and could make it prone to problems.

    I have not done any updates because I need to have the whole recordings with nothing missing, I have used padding to allow recording of more than the TV programme. I was under the impression that newer firmwares with series link could affect this in a negative way. PGXTF 1.00.21 did resolve issues with consecutive recordings in chase play and and I don't want this to affect the way I use the 9200T because I do sometimes transfer recordings while recording and consecutive records or overlaps are sometimes done. I am not sure from the firmware notes whether this would be a problem.

    - Resolved consecutive recording function while using ChasePlay - Resolved Schedules staying in the list when using Auto-Padding

    A repeat of 1.00.23 is due in the coming week and I am wondering whether I should update or not to avoid any issues. Having it retain the EPG in standby would be nice because of how slowly it updates.

    Can anyone tell me what effect on padded recordings updating would produce? Having my Hummy are reliable as it can be and avoiding lock ups would be an improvement, I'm not really interested in Series link or anything like that that became available with newer firmwares. The EPG improvement done in 1.00.23 would be of benefit.
  2. spospe

    spospe New Member

    You cannot have 'accurate recording' with padding, it's one or the other.

    I am reasonably happy with the 'accurate recording', it does sometimes cut off the end of a program, but that is only because it is startting the next recording.
  3. RedDwarf

    RedDwarf New Member

    I realise that both cannot be used at the same time. However, I was concerned whether the updates would in some way affect the padded recordings. I seem to remember, I must of lost more than a few brain cells since then, seeing comments a very long time back about newer firmware updates affecting recordings in a way that I didn't like the sound of, which is why I didn't do any updates. Unfortunately, for this week at least, there are no further updates being broadcast and I don't yet know when the next one will be.

    Did you ever try any of the earlier firmwares? Does padded recordings now work the same as it did with older firmwares? I don't like having any parts of programmes missing for some important recordings. For general stuff it doesn't matter and the newer features would help, but for a few recordings, the most important thing is recording every last second and missing nothing.
  4. spospe

    spospe New Member

    I have not tried using padding with the latest firmware, but it is my understanding that it is possible (or at least that is what I remember reading from other posts on other forums).

    I have had all the software updates from 1.00.10 (on the machine when bought), to .15 to .20 (which was never over the air) to .21 to the latest .23 and have always used the additional features of each update.

    My advice is to go for it.