Is my hard drive near the end of its life?

Nick Lappage

New Member
Hi all.

The forums have been very useful in helping me stop the constant delete mode, but I seem to have another error which I'm struggling to fix. Basically all my recordings vanished last night with just a few empty folders. I reverted the machine back to an old version of firmware and then upgraded to the latest Humax version.

This brought back the missing recordings for some reason.

I then decided to install the latest custom firmware - HDR_FOX_T2_1.03.11_mod_2.22 and run diagnostics from my PC, which resulted in the following:

I then went into the Telnet to run the check and fix option, where it recognised errors but continually failed to fix them.

So I went back to normal operation mode and then I found the message on the TV saying that I had to format the hard drive or I wouldn't be able to record anything. I also wasn't able to playback anything - the HDD reported that it was full even though there should have have been 800GB available.

So, grudgingly, I formatted the HDD and lost my recordings, but I still get the errors above and Telnet's check/fix disc still fails.

Any ideas?

Raw values above zero in ID 5 are not normally a problem until they reach hundreds / thousands, however any raw values above zero against IDs 197 and 198 are bad news. I would say your hard disk is dead or not long for this world, i.e. dying
Okay thanks Ezra. I've still got it under warranty so I'm off to Humax support to see about a replacement one - or perhaps the new YouView type...
It's completely up to you what you replace it with, but, depending what you want your Humax to do, I would check what the YouView box can and can't do. The advantages are more catch-up TV services and the disadvantages are many (See link HERE), this list was complied some time ago, but most of the 'NOs' are still the same